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What Customers say

My doc recommended this unit, he says this does the same as the $15,000 ones sold at a convention he attended.

For aches (especially muscular) and pains this is wonderful. My husband also uses it for his mild nerve pain in his feet.

Josh L.

Works incredibly well for a injury. Several months ago my horse tossed me. I injured my knee and shoulder. Both were painful and restricted movement, particularly the shoulder. I learned about cold laser therapy from a friend who trains racehorses. Apparently vets use it extensively for injuries. I decided to try it and it was almost miraculous.

Kelly weber

After one treatment the pain was significantly reduced. I have used the recommended treatment pattern, 30 minutes a day for 10 days then 7 days off. I use the pulse setting on medium. I've done two treatment cycles on my knee, and it's almost back to normal. I've done one my shoulder, and the pain is much reduced. In both instances, the range of motion is better.

Abraham Shnur
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